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TV "not-spots" Will Remain on Yorkshire Coast as New Transmitter is Switched on

Parts of the Yorkshire Coast could be left without a TV signal until a new transmitter mast is built at Bilsdale.

The main mast was demolished last week after being damaged by fire in August,

A new temporary mast has been switched on today but the The chief executive of transmission company Arqiva, Paul Donovan says it wont cover everyone.

Once the new mast is tuned on today Paul Donovan says that there will still be not spots where TV reception isn't possible, including some parts of the Yorkshire Coast.

The switch on means that viewers will need to retune TVs and a guide on how to do this can be found at bilsdalemast.co.uk. There are additional engineering works throughout the day on Wednesday so Arqiva recommend doing this after 5pm.

Arqiva say further details on help for those whose TV services are still affected from this evening will be set out tomorrow [Thursday]

Paul Donovan says there is a special helpline available for people who find themselves without reception.

Freeview have offered the following advice on their website:

Viewers who need assistance with retuning can get help via freephone 0800 121 4828 or by looking at our retune guides.

What if my expected channels do not come back when I retune?

If a retune does not restore your signal, Arqiva will be setting out further details on the help available via it’s Project Restore tomorrow at Bilsdalemast.co.uk.

Arqiva's Project Restore aims to get as many homes viewing as soon as possible.  Anyone who cannot get a picture on their TV from 6:00am Wednesday 13th October should go to the Arqiva help site Bilsdalemast.co.uk and log their details (from Thursday 14th October).

You can also contact freephone 0800 121 4828, and your details will be noted down so that Arqiva can help restore your viewing through its Project Restore.

Why could I get TV before but cannot now?

Broadcast signals are reliant on line-of-sight between the transmitter and your aerial - this is why transmitters such as the one at Bilsdale need to be so tall, and why they are located where they are - to reach as many homes as possible. 

The new temporary transmitter at Bilsdale will restore viewing to many households but it is around a quarter of the height of the fire-damaged mast. This means that despite it broadcasting a signal to almost all homes that the fire-damaged transmitter did beforehand, the signal might not be strong enough to be received through some existing aerials. This means that some households might not be able to receive a signal. 

Some viewers who received a signal from a temporary relay may find that they have lost channels despite the new mast being switched on.  This is because of reduction in power to the relays to avoid interference with the signal from the new mast.  If this is the case for you, please retune your TV.  Find out how to on our retune guides.

If a retune does not restore your signal, Arqiva will be setting out further details on the help available via it’s Project Restore tomorrow at Bilsdalemast.co.uk where you will be able to log your details with Arqiva (from Thursday 14th October).

What channels should I get?

As well as turning on the temporary transmitter at Bilsdale, Eston Nab and Arncliffe Wood will be retained as relays to supplement coverage.  The channels you get will depend on which transmitter is available to you.

Details of which multiplexes (groups of channels) will be broadcast from each transmitter are shown below. You can find which channels these multiplexes correspond to in our guide by filtering on which multiplex (Mux) you wish to view.

Bilsdale Temporary mast now broadcasting BBCA, BBCB, D3&4, SDN, ARQA, ARQB, and COM7 multiplexes.

Eston Nab now broadcasting BBCA, BBCB, D3&4, SDN, ARQA, ARQB, COM7, and Local TV multiplexes.

Arncliffe Wood should be back on by lunchtime on 13th October, broadcasting BBCA, BBCB, and D3&4 multiplexes.

Sutton Bank won’t be turned back on as the temporary mast at Bilsdale covers the area it served.

Guisborough and Romaldkirk relays require engineering work and should be restored by 6:00 pm on 13th October

All other Bilsdale relays will be unaffected by this work and remain on throughout.

More information is available at https://www.freeview.co.uk/help/bilsdale

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