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The Mystery Sound

Each weekday at 08:15 on Paddy @ Breakfast we play the Mystery Sound...

Every weekday you can WIN CASH! Just identify this MYSTERY SOUND...

Here's our 10th Mystery Sound, but what is it?

It's worth £270 on Thursday 11th August 2022.

CLUE 1: This sound was recorded OUTSIDE!

Call 01723 336444 (option 2) between 6 and 8am for your chance to win.

Wrong Guesses

  • A train on North Bay Railway
  • Tyre Pressure Pump
  • A hose pipe filling up a paddling pool x 2
  • King Frog at Luna Park
  • A pedalo
  • A jet wash at a petrol station
  • A bus door opening
  • Blowing up a helium balloon with a cannister
  • A water shooting game
  • A milk steamer on a coffee machine
  • Car windscreen wipers
  • A drink dispenser
  • Paddy on board WetWheels Yorkshire (boat)
  • A hand dryer in a toilet
  • A steam train
  • A slush machine
  • North Bay Railway water chute x 2
  • A typre compressor
  • A fire extinquisher
  • Paddy inflating his kayak
  •  A dishwasher
  • The zipline at North Yorkshire Waterpark
  • The octopus ride
  • Jet wash at the petrol station on Seamer Road in Scarborough
  • Air being left out of an inflatable
  • The sea washing against the rocks
  • Fireworks being lit.
  • A garden fence being sprayed with a paint gun
  • Spraying deodrant outside
  • A car driving through a puddle
  • Outside toilet flushing
  • Leaf blower

WELL DONE TO VANESSA FROM SCARBOROUGH WHO WON £530 correctly identidying our 9th Mystery Sound was a mechanical horse-racing game!

The first Mystery Sound

In January 2021, Victoria from West Ayton correctly identified the first sound as being Paddy changing the batteries in his TV remote control! Here's the moment she won £465...

The 2nd Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Fran from Scarborough who WON £240 on Thursday 11th March by correctly identifying the sound as being the bin on a vacumm being put back on!

The 3rd Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Debbie Rickard from Bridlington who won £185 on Wednesday 7th April 2021 by correctly identifying our third sound as being a car seat sliding backwards.

The 4th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Tony Mullins from Bridlington who won £200 on Monday 10th May 2021 by correctly identifying our fourth sound as being the sound of people playing Table Football.

The 5th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Lesley Jugoo from Bempton who won £340 on Tuesday 20th July 2021 by correctly identfying our fifth sound as being the sound of Paddy walking across a gangway at Whitby Harbour!

The 6th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Nigel from Scarborough who won £190 correctly guessing out sound was the sound of Paddy throwing a bottle into the metal fish recycling bin in South Bay Scarborough.

The 7th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Ian from Scarborough who won a record £475 correctly identifying our sound as a springboard in a school gym.

The 8th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Lesley who correctly guesses that our sound was Paddy putting his mobile phone into its case.

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