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The Mystery Sound

Each weekday at 08:15 on Paddy @ Breakfast we play the Mystery Sound...

Every weekday you can WIN CASH! Just identify this MYSTERY SOUND...

Win £775 on Friday 19th April 2024!

CLUE: This sound was recorded OUTSIDE!

CLUE 2: Many people use this every day!

CLUE 3: On the move!

CLUE 4: Paddy recorded this in Scarborough!

Wrong Guesses:

  • Someone running
  • Someone skating at the skate park
  • Some taking a wheelie bin down some steps (guessed twice)
  • A punch machine at an amusement arcade
  • A car door closing
  • A charity bin
  • A petrol lawnmower starting up
  • Bus doors
  • someone closing a garage door
  • The handle on a front door
  • Getting money out of a cash machine
  • Someone putting toast in a toaster (guessed twice)
  • Central locking on a car (guessed twice)
  • A seatbelt (GUESSED THREE TIMES)
  • A petrol pump (guessed FOUR TIMES)
  • Putting money in a parking metre
  • Someone putting up an automatic umbrella
  • A garden gate (GUESSED TWICE)
  • A turnstile
  • An amazon collection point
  • Throwing litter in a wheelie bin
  • A bus engine
  • A mobile phone being picked up or put down
  • playing a game on a mobile phone
  • A mobile phone and wind blowing down the phone
  • A train going past
  • Going over a speed bump (GUESSED TWICE)
  • A cement mixer
  • A supermarket trolley coin push mechanism
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Pushing a shopping trolley
  • Train doors closing (GUESSED TWICE)
  • Loading a CD in a car
  • A glove box being opened in a car
  • A petrol cap on a car
  • Changing gear in a car
  • A car door handle
  • A train door shutting
  • A car window going up or down
  • Bus doors opening or closing
  • A suitcase handle going up and down
  • A ticket machine on a bus
  • A car handbrake
  • Taking a ticket out of a car park automatic barrier (GUESSED TWICE)
  • A sunroof in a car
  • Driving a car over a pothole
  • Ticket's dropping in railway station ticket machine
  • Putting the money in a public toilet coin slot
  • Someone going off the kerb on a scooter
  • Someone watching a video on a mobile phone
  • A key fob opening a door
  • The doors on a service bus
  • The gate at Seamer Station
  • Someone pulling a suitcase
  • Pushing the lid closed on a plastic drinking cup (guessed twice)
  • A mobile phone screen being turned off
  • Cars going over a level crossing
  • An extending retractable dog lead
  • A lift
  • A tail lift on a lorry
  • Someone fixing the parcel shelf in a car
  • Someone adjusting their car seat
  • A wiper going across a car screen
  • An automatic child lock in a car
  • Driving over a drain cover
  • A car boot closing and locking
  • A car indicator turning itself off
  • Paddy closing his front door
  • Driving across the expansion strips on Valley Bridge in Scarborough
  • Tyre inflator air line going back into the machine
  • Cliff lift doors closing
  • Using a cash machine
  • The Central Tramway turnstile
  • Closing a wheelie bin lid
  • A rooftop box being closed
  • Driving over the cobbles on Marine Drive in Scarborough
  • A van door sliding open
  • Paddy recording an interview in town
  • Throwing something into a skip at the waste recyling centre
  • The cliff tram going down the track
  • The gate on the crossing at North Bay Railway
  • A bin lorry shaking a bin to empty it
  • The ice cream machine in the ice cream van on the Esplanade
  • Driving over cats eyes
  • A bike lock locking or unlocking
  • Clipping into or out of bike cleats
  • The water chute at North Bay Railway
  • Putting dog poo in a dog bin
  • Someone using a kick stand on a motorbike
  • Someone posting something through a post box
  • North Bay Railway train
  • An exit barrier at the Brunswick Centre Car Park
  • Going onto a curb on a bike
  • A pelican crossing
  • Charging an electric car
  • Putting a drink in a car's cup holder
  • A door in the Brunswick Shopping Centre
  • Central Tramway doors closing
  • An umbrella being opened
  • A motorbike starting up
  • Paddy putting ear podas in a box
  • A parking ticket coming out of the machine
  • The cliff tram clicking into the station
  • Someone walking over a paving stone
  • Paddy opening his front door
  • Opening a packed lunch box
  • A dog lead retracting
  • A push chair being folded up
  • A post box being unlocked
  • A night safe at a bank
  • The automatic doors opening or closing at M&S in Scarborough
  • Changing gear on a bike
  • The machanism on Scarborough's big wheel
  • A boat engine
  • A motorbike visor
  • A mobility scooter going up or down the curb
  • A car going over a cattle grid

Call 01723 336444 (option 2) between 6am and 8am weekdays to get in the draw to take part. Or email studio@thisisthecoast.co.uk

The first Mystery Sound

In January 2021, Victoria from West Ayton correctly identified the first sound as being Paddy changing the batteries in his TV remote control! Here's the moment she won £465...

The 2nd Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Fran from Scarborough who WON £240 on Thursday 11th March by correctly identifying the sound as being the bin on a vacumm being put back on!

The 3rd Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Debbie Rickard from Bridlington who won £185 on Wednesday 7th April 2021 by correctly identifying our third sound as being a car seat sliding backwards.

The 4th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Tony Mullins from Bridlington who won £200 on Monday 10th May 2021 by correctly identifying our fourth sound as being the sound of people playing Table Football.

The 5th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Lesley Jugoo from Bempton who won £340 on Tuesday 20th July 2021 by correctly identfying our fifth sound as being the sound of Paddy walking across a gangway at Whitby Harbour!

The 6th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Nigel from Scarborough who won £190 correctly guessing out sound was the sound of Paddy throwing a bottle into the metal fish recycling bin in South Bay Scarborough.

The 7th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Ian from Scarborough who won a record £475 correctly identifying our sound as a springboard in a school gym.

The 8th Mystery Sound...

CONGRATULATIONS to Lesley who correctly guesses that our sound was Paddy putting his mobile phone into its case.

The 9th Mystery Sound...

WELL DONE TO VANESSA FROM SCARBOROUGH WHO WON £530 correctly identifying our 9th Mystery Sound was a mechanical horse-racing game!

The 10th Mystery Sound...

WELL DONE TO JULIE FROM PICKERING WHO WON £280 correctly identifying our 10th Mystery Sound was a water sprinkler!

The 11th Mystery Sound...

WELL DONE TO STEPHANIE FROM FILEY WHO WON £310 correctly identifying our 11th Mystery Sound as a foot massager!

The 12th Mystery Sound...

WELL DONE TO RACHEL FROM SCARBOROUGH WHO WON £400 correctly identifying our 11th Mystery Sound was a tailgate opening / closing on a pickup truck.

The 13th Mystery Sound...

Well done to Karen from Whitby who won £390 on Wednesday 16th March 2023, correctly guessing our 13th sound was someone scrubbing a potato!

The 14th Mystery Sound...

Well done to Linda in Hunmanby who won £160 on Tuesday 4th April 2023, correctly guessing our 14th sound was someone spraying silly string.

The 15th Mystery Sound...

The 15th Mysery Sound was the sound of a moving head disco light warming up

The 16th Mystery Sound...

Well done to Hannah Marson from Scarborough who won £275...

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