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Scarborough College - Returning to School

Scarborough College has marked the return to school on 8 March with a commitment to get pupils to rejoice in going to school and, where necessary, learn to love learning again. 

For many pupils up and down the country, the past few months have been incredibly unsettling and difficult.  From having exams cancelled to the hundreds of hours spent behind screens, education has undergone one of the most revolutionary changes ever and pupils have barely had time to adjust. Scardeburgians are no different in that respect.

The College’s commitment to its pupils to carry on a normal timetable was the right thing to do and it has meant that, for the overwhelming majority of the children at least, there is no need for any catch-up programmes.  Nevertheless, it is important to understand that a full timetable online and sat behind a screen is far from what a normal face-to-face timetable would look like.

The weeks prior to the full school return, Headmaster Mr Emmett and his team were determined to address the holistic needs of the pupils and, in particular, the realignment to being in school, spending time with friends and enjoying co-curricular activities.  It goes without saying that academics are not pushed to the background.  Rather, the versatility of the different subjects is addressed. 

If lessons can take place outside the four walls of a classroom, then this is where the lesson will take place.  Lessons that can be taught without the Chromebooks burning are preferred over those with screens.  Visit the Filey Road campus on a weekday now and you will find pupils engaged in outside activities, sports, Yorkshire Grit and lessons.

Teaching staff are carefully assessing the immediate needs of the pupils in their care.  While most teachers agree that the media mantra of having to catch-up does not apply to their pupils, everyone is aware of the need to understand the full scope of the detrimental effects of the third lockdown. 

Meanwhile, Scarborough College’s corridors are full of laughter and chitchat, the dining hall is as noisy as ever and even the odd cricket ball can be heard crashing into the stumps.

Open Days are Off but Personalised Visits are On with "Friday’s For You"

Although large Open Days are still off the menu for the time being, the College has now opened its doors to pupils looking to join and families looking to visit.  A Covid-safe procedure has been put in place and families will be asked to follow a set route around the school.  Where beforehand the Sixth Form students would show a family around, right now the Admissions team feel it is more appropriate for staff to take their place.

Under the name Friday’s For You, Scarborough College is delighted to show prospective pupils how the school really runs. 

Visiting on a "Friday’s For You" Friday means that not only the front door is open but every door to every classroom.  Want to see how Scarborough College really runs?  What the teachers really look like and what they really sound like? Visit SC on a Friday’s For You Friday.

Every visit is customised to the area that you’re most interested in, you can meet the Headmaster for an informal chat and because it’s Friday; there’s even a special treat to celebrate the start of the weekend. 

Contact the Registrar at Scarborough College for more information

or visit the College’s Admissions Page.

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