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Help a Young Person Avoid Homelessness with SASH

This is the Coast has Teamed up with SASH to help find safe accommodation for young people aged 16 to 25, who are facing homelessness.

SASH are looking for local people to act as hosts…. People, like you!

SASH are an OFSTED registered supported lodgings provider. SASH are looking for people to become hosts for the young people they support through the Supported Lodgings scheme.

Supported Lodgings is for young people who cannot return home and do not know how to live on their own.

Young people in Supported Lodgings live with a host in a family environment. They get intensive support from their support worker and their host. If needed, SASH help them get back into college, or into work or training.

This is fundamental for their future prospects. They learn to budget, pay a contribution to bills, shop for food, cook and clean – everything they will need to live a successful independent life.

Hosts can earn up to £170 per week in host payments.

The hosts receive support from an experienced and skilled placement coordinator via supervisions, 24/7 support and can attend host social events.

Yasmin is a single parent with young children, she has been a SASH host on several occasions and says it work's really well alongside family life.

For a young person, the stay in Supported Lodgings is a journey. They will often start from a point of anxiety, confusion. From the safety and stability of their host’s home, they become capable, confident young people who are looking forward to moving on with their lives.

Yasmin says that seeing the progress they make is amazingly rewarding.

The time each young person will spend living with a host can vary and Yasmin says the experience can lead to the building of long term bonds.

Depending on the young person’s needs, SASH can arrange help from other agencies, such as mental health services. All the young people are referred to the Supported Lodgings project from SASH's partner agencies in North Yorkshire.

Yasmin says the support provided is first rate.

Yasmin started her journey as a SASH host after experiencing homelessness herself.

Yasmin says she was nervous the first time she acted as a host but says that soon passed as she realised the difference she could make.

If you would like to find out more about the role of being a host with SASH then fill in the Expression of interest form on the link below and you will be contacted by a member of the team at https://www.sash-uk.org.uk/get-involved/hosting/

As part of the role, SASH will apply for a DBS and as a host you will be expected to complete CPD accredited training which includes Safeguarding, Fire safety, GDPR and First aid.

Case Studies;

David – Young Person

David had a traumatic childhood.  He was sexually abused at the age of 9 and grew up surrounded by domestic violence.  When he was 13, he started using cannabis as a way of coping. 

Instead of this helping him deal with his trauma, it simply added to his problems. He left school without any qualifications and suffered with his mental health.

David said:

“I often found myself shutting down from people and my emotions, which wasn’t good”.

In 2021 David’s relationship with his partner, who he was living with at the time broke down and he found himself with nowhere to go.

“I felt like my whole world was crumbling and there was nothing I could do to fix it.  I was alone and scared.  That’s when I found SASH and my life changed.

SASH gave me hope and courage to get through my darkest times.  For the first time I am getting the right support for me, and I feel safe and positive for the future.  My support worker goes above and beyond for me and my host listens to me on my down days and is helping me to become a stronger person”.

David attends regular one to one counselling sessions to help him deal with his emotions and build a better bond with his family.  He no longer uses cannabis and with the help of his SASH support worker and host is learning new skills to prepare him for independent living in the future.

“I would be in a very different place right now if it wasn’t for SASH.  I feel like they truly saved my life, and I will be forever grateful.  Thank you SASH”.

Maggie & Pete – Supported Lodgings Hosts

What made you want to get involved?

"All our children were grown up and had left home. We had a couple of spare rooms and felt it was the right time to do something different.

I was thinking about my children and if things had been different, it would be nice to know that there were people there to help them and offer a safe secure place for them to stay. When my kids were in their teens, I remember a friend of my daughter’s arrive on my front door step with a suitcase and ask if she could stay for a few days as she had fallen out with her mum. I had always had an open door for their friends and was glad to help. Reading about SASH brought those memories back and I knew I had to do it."

Do you have a best memory of hosting you could share with us?

"We had a young girl come to live with us, as she couldn’t stay at home with her mum. She had nowhere else to go. She had just started college on a Beauty Therapy course.

She was quite shy to begin with, but we helped her with her course work, became models for her to practise on and she soon found her feet and passed her course with flying colours! She worked hard and eventually got her own beauty business, something she would have struggled to do if she had stayed in her previous situation.

We were really proud of her. We saw her a few years later and she thanked us for the support and the belief we had in her that she could do it."

Did you have any worries about hosting before you began?

"Yes of course, who wouldn’t? What support would we get as Hosts, would we be sent out-of-control young adults, drug addicts, what information would we be told about the person? Once we had spoken to Kirsty from SASH who came to visit us, we realised that all our worries had been addressed, and the support and information we would be given was fantastic."

Would you recommend hosting?

"Hosting is not for everyone, but if you want to help give young people a brighter future, show them that there are caring people who want to help them fulfil their potential and you are able to be broad-minded, then go for "

If you would like to find out more about the role of being a host with SASH then fill in the Expression of interest form on the link below and you will be contacted by a member of the team at https://www.sash-uk.org.uk/get-involved/hosting/

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